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The Now And The Not Yet

by FutureNow

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released July 22, 2014



all rights reserved


FutureNow Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: The Now and the Not Yet (feat. Hank Murphy)
There will be joy
There will be peace
You have promised
Forever and we believe
And there will be life
Un-ending Life
We have this hope
Because of your sacrifice

You’re bread made us
Children of the New Covenant
We sing to our king
Jesus we will not forget
Because of Grace there is a day
Everything will be new again
We praise your name
In between the Now and the Not yet

You will wipe away
The tears we cry
When we fix our eyes on you
For the first time
And there will be love
There will only be love
And we’ll be with you always
In your kingdom
Your kingdom

The darkness will be no more
The broken will be restored
Our future
Forever spoken for
Track Name: United (feat. Luke Brown & Hank Murphy)
Let nothing separate
Let fear be replaced
By the way we love each other
And serve one another
Let nothing come between
We are his family
And we are daughters
And we are sons

We are united
By the Love of the one who set us free
The one who overcame for you and me
We won’t be divided
We are bound together by the cross by the blood
Forever in the name of Jesus
We are United

In this life we all feel pain
But he alone gives us strength
And we can lift up each other
And help one another
So let the whole world know us by
The way we lay down our lives
Cause we are daughters and we are sons

By the blood of the Lamb
By the Great I Am
We are United

All the rebels all the proud
Lay your life down
All the redeemed of the King
Take up your cross now
We are one fam
bought by the Lamb
And now united we run
For the sake of the broken we stand
We gotta mission to reach em’ and feed em’
They gotta see and believe him
How they gon’ know the truth
If we don’t come teach em
Cause Jesus came to seek em’
So we gotta go right now as one
Track Name: Magnificent (feat. Kelby Dover)
Who could find the end of your glory
And where is the edge of your limitless grace
Who could comprehend the Almighty
Or know your ways

Holy Holy Holy
There Is None Beside you
God You’re Magnificient
You alone are worthy
Higher than our Highest thoughts
You’re Magnificent
You’re Magnificent

Angels and Saints bow before thee
For Jesus your name is above every name
You are the one we will worship
For all our days
Yeah for all our days

Nothing Compares to You God
You are the everlasting
Nothing compares to all you are
Nothing compares to you God
You are the King forever
Nothing compares to all you are
You are You are You are
Track Name: You Never Let Us Go (feat. Hank Murphy)
When the storm starts to form all around us
And we break from the weight of it all
When our hearts fail to trust in your promise
Everyday we forget who you are

We won’t fear
We will hold on

Because Your love never stops
No it never gives up
There is freedom
There is Hope
And there’s no death
No life that can separate Us
And we know
Yea we know
You never let us go

So with confidence we will surrender
For you’ve shown us the ways of your heart
God of Grace God of Life God of wonders
We will tell this world who you are

There’s no greater love
No there’s none No there’s none
There’s no greater love
No there’s none No there’s none
Track Name: Hallelujah (feat. Kelby Dover)
Father, Son, Spirit, One
You are Sovereign, You are God
There is none
No one who compares

Maker of Earth and Sky
For Your Glory, gave us Life
Everything bows at your command

This your story
This is our song

Hallelujah -ah -ah
Hallelujah -ah -ah
God We sing for you
God We live for you
We will praise you
All our days
Hallelujah -ah -ah

Son of God, King of Grace
Crowned with never-ending praise
For our sake God became a man
Took our sin and bore our shame
Laid your life down in our place
By your power Lord You rose again

Our God, He reigns